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Tranquil soothsayer contemplating the candlelight before a magic ritual

Candle Magick 101 The Ultimate Color Guide

A basic staple of spell work, candle magick (spelled intentionally with a “k” to differentiate it from illusion & magic “tricks),  is a common method of focused manifestation used in witchcraft and occult practices throughout multiple faiths and belief systems. In this article, we delve into some of the various candle colors and types, what

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Occult Book With Inverted Pentacle or Pentagram On Cover

Brief History of The Goetia

Solomon’s Key was written in the mid-17th century, mostly from centuries-old material. In 1904, Aleister Crowley edited and published King Solomon’s Book of Goetia by King Solomon. This section was later translated by Samuel Liddell McGregor Mathers and published in 1904 as The Book of Goetia by Aleister Crowley. Aleister Crowley plays with readers by

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The Magic Circle by John William Waterhouse, 1886

How Witchcraft Became A Modern Trend

Featuring insightful essays by contemporary practitioners such as Kristen J. Solly and Judica Illes, as well as insights into Madeleine Miller Interviewed by writers and scholars such as Miller and Juliet Diaz, the term Witchcraft covers a wide range of cultural traditions, including magic as a form of spiritual exploration and creative catharsis. The series

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