Avalon Beyond: A Must Visit Spiritual Shop

Avalon Beyond: A Must Visit Spiritual Shop

Important Note: This post is NOT SPONSORED in any way by Avalon Beyond. This is an honest review from our Team at Occultify, based on our experiences and on the information available at avalonbeyond.com. 

If you're looking for a spiritual sanctuary in the heart of Orlando, Avalon Beyond is the place to be. Located near Mills-50 area and just minutes from downtown at 1211 Hillcrest St, Orlando, FL 32803, Avalon Beyond is a one-of-a-kind spiritual supply shop that has been serving the community for over 25 years.

Avalon Beyond's philosophy is simple yet profound: to provide a place of rest, a place of spiritual reflection, and a space to talk about your journey. When you step inside, you'll immediately feel the positive energy and welcoming atmosphere. It’s just as they say on their website, “from books to incense, candles, crystals, herbs, oils, statuary, faeries, music, clothing, and all things rare and magickal.” Avalon Beyond truly has everything you need to enhance your spiritual path.

History of Avalon Beyond

The shop was originally opened as "Dragonwood" in 1993 by Hillary Morgan. Later on, it was sold to Jack Greeney and became known as "Herne's Hollow." In 1999, Miranda Solace and her partner, Digby, took over the shop and renamed it "Avalon Beyond" to honor Miranda's first mentor, Dylan Ap Thuin, and the sacred place of her homeland.

A Popular Destination In Orlando, Florida

Avalon Beyond quickly became a popular destination for seekers of spiritual and metaphysical knowledge. Under Miranda and Digby's guidance, the shop expanded its offerings to include a wider range of books, crystals, herbs, candles, and other tools for spiritual growth and healing. They also hosted various workshops, events, and classes on a regular basis, bringing in renowned teachers and practitioners from around the country to share their knowledge with the community.

As the business grew, Miranda and Digby also started offering psychic and tarot readings, energy healing sessions, and other spiritual services. Their warm and welcoming demeanor, coupled with their vast knowledge and experience, earned them a loyal following of clients who came to them for guidance and support on their own spiritual journeys.

Over the years, Avalon Beyond has become more than just a store – it's a community hub where like-minded individuals can come together to connect, learn, and grow. Miranda and Digby have created a space that feels like home to many, and their legacy continues to live on through the shop's current owners, who strive to uphold the same values of integrity, authenticity, and compassion that Avalon Beyond has always stood for.

A Place Where Everyone is Family and Expert Guides Await

Avalon Beyond is not just a metaphysical shop, but also a welcoming community where everyone is treated like family. Miranda, Digby, and their team of friendly staff are always ready to lend a helping hand, offer guidance, or simply listen to your story. They are knowledgeable guides who offer a wide range of spiritual services and resources to support your journey towards self-discovery and healing.

A Renowed, Friendly & Talented Team

At Avalon Beyond, everyone is considered family. Miranda, her partner, Digby, and their friendly staff are always ready to help and act as knowledgeable guides, mentors, and helpers. For example, Nicholas Pearson, an award-winning author and teacher, is an expert in the mineral kingdom and offers crystal and Reiki classes throughout the United States. Then there’s Liza Rose, a caring and talented psychic Reader who provides spiritual guidance and connection through mediumship, tarot, and gemstones. Plus, there’s Dikki Jo Mullen, an Internationally Acclaimed teacher, astrologer, and Reader, offers astrology forecasts in The Witches' Almanac and Dell Horoscope publications.

Whether you're looking for a specific resource or simply want to connect with like-minded individuals, Avalon Beyond has something for everyone. With its friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and wide range of products and services, this metaphysical shop is truly a haven for those seeking spiritual growth and personal transformation.

Avalon Beyond Also Hosts An Array of Gifted and Talented Intuitive Readers

  • Dean Angelo - a 5th generation intuitive with over 50 years of experience as a reader, having inherited his intuitive abilities as a 5th generation intuitive. He started with Tarot and has since studied and practiced many forms of divination. Dean has written books, audio books, and videos to teach others how to read Tarot, Tea Leaves, FIdh Lan sticks, and more. He co-authored a book about the Ogham, the druid tree alphabet, which paved the way for many Wiccan groups still thriving today. Dean's reading style is grounded in the real world, focusing on opportunities and obstacles that are coming up, and giving you tools to navigate them. His approach centers on you and how the people around you may influence you. Rather than making distant predictions, he focuses on a time frame of about 3 months, and touches on long-term impacts when it is influenced by your next steps. During a private reading, his primary tool is Tarot, but he also reads Palms, Ogham, Automatic Writing, Auric Readings, and offers Unseen Animal Totem Readings. Dean avoids psychic snooping on anyone else, even if asked, and conducts readings as a magical and spiritual act that is centered on the person in the room.

  • Judith Tarot - a gifted psychic whose journey began at a young age under the guidance of her grandmother and mother. She started with clairvoyance and soon discovered her clairaudient and clairsentient abilities. Today, Judith uses Tarot to connect with Spirit and provides detailed and accurate readings. She also incorporates runes, mediumship, pendulum, psychometry, and aura guidance to complement her Tarot readings. Judith has read tarot in various places, including the United States, Wales, and Paris. She is also a certified Hypnotherapist, an ordained minister, and a physical medium who conducts seances using table tipping. Her Sagittarius sun sign makes her an excellent teacher with a unique way of reading energy. Judith has appeared on internet radio and even assisted in locating missing persons.

  • Lilith Luck - a friendly and experienced eclectic witch who has been practicing personal magic for self-improvement, transformation, and empowerment. They have honed their intuition and skills through lived experiences, such as navigating karmic situations, twin flame phenomenon, healing from trauma, shadow work, inner child healing, and aligning with their dreams. Lilith discovered their mediumship skills after interacting with friends and clients. They value integrity, authenticity, directness, curiosity, and learning. Lilith provides practical guidance for the physical world while helping clients navigate their inner dimensions. They specialize in shadow work to alchemize and transform lives. Lilith is originally from Fort Worth, TX, but felt the call to relocate to Florida and found a safe haven within Avalon. They identify as non-binary and are proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Lilith is currently pursuing their Life Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming certifications and is passionate about facilitating growth and progress in people’s lives.

  • Teketa Shine - a Florida native who has dedicated her adult life to exploring spirituality, connection, and community. She began her journey in Cassadaga, FL, the renowned "psychic capital," where she has had the privilege of working with a diverse group of psychics, mediums, and healers who have greatly influenced her craft. With over a decade of experience, Teketa offers professional tarot and crystal readings to help people discover their unique connection to the divine. She firmly believes that the future begins in the present and that, with the right tools, anyone can transform challenging situations into opportunities for growth in their lives. Whether you're seeking guidance, clarity, or simply a listening ear, Teketa is here to support you on your journey.

  • Christina Maria Hernandez - Christina has been using her spiritual gifts for over 20 years to guide others on their soul's journey. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she has been practicing various divination methods and healing modalities since the age of 17. As a Reiki-attuned triple water sign (with Pisces sun and moon and Cancer rising), Christina is a natural empath, healer, and clairvoyant. She specializes in providing insightful card readings, including tarot, oracle, and angel readings, as well as creating astrology charts and other metaphysical practices.

  • Liza Rose - a caring and talented intuitive Reader who believes that the Universe has a wonderful way of communicating with us, and she's passionate about sharing that connection with others. Her spiritual journey began when she was a child, and she's always felt that her heart is in tune with the spirit world. As a Reiki Healing Practitioner, Liza has a deep understanding of how to use energy to heal and connect with others. She's also studied intuitive development with psychic teachers at Avalon, and as a Mystic, she embraces and honors all spiritual paths with Love and Light as the foundation. When she channels, Liza brings together her knowledge of the mind, body, and spirit to offer insights through mediums such as Tarot and gemstones.

  • Dikki Jo Mullen - - an internationally noted astrologer and spiritual counselor who has authored numerous published articles. Her detailed astrology forecasts and features can be found in The Witches’ Almanac and number of pen names, including Esther Neumeier, Elaine Neumeier, Esther Elayne, Mother Ollmann, Grania Ling, Dana N., Ms. Luna Sunshine, Laurie Bell, Koo Templeton, Catie Saltmarsh, Kathryn Mueller, Leslie Ford, Sue Leroy, Marina the Gypsy, and Marina Bryony. Dikki-Jo offers presentations for groups on a variety of topics, including Tarot, Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation, Astrology, Tea leaf Reading and Crystal Gazing, Seances, House Blessings and Space Clearing, Native American spirituality, and Runes. She was born in Chicago, and her professional practice is established in Central Florida, where she has clients from all over the world. Dikki-Jo is a graduate of The University of Florida, a certified yoga instructor, and a certified past life regression therapist. She holds a Doctor of Divinity Degree and is an ordained Spiritualist Minister with the American Spiritualist Association. Rev. Dr. Mullen has presented daily programs about astrology and related topics on WMFE TV 24 and on WDBO radio in Orlando. She also presented a program on PETS BURG, USA on The Animal Planet channel which was aired nationally.

In-house readings are available Saturday through Thursday and are walk-in only. Online sessions can be purchased for $50/half hour or $90/hour. For more information or to book a reading, visit avalonbeyond.com/readings.

Spiritual Events and Functions at Avalon Beyond

In addition to the vast selection of spiritual supplies and services, Avalon Beyond also hosts an array of spiritual events and functions. From workshops to book signings, psychic fairs, and seasonal celebrations, there's always something happening at Avalon Beyond.

If you're looking for a spiritual community, Avalon Beyond is the place to be. With its friendly staff, knowledgeable readers, and extensive selection of rare and magickal items, Avalon Beyond truly is a place where you can learn, grow, and experience all things spiritual.

Avalon Beyond also offers a range of workshops and classes covering various topics such as crystal healing, tarot reading, energy work, and more. They regularly host these workshops and classes on a variety of topics, such as tarot reading, crystal healing, and spellcasting. These classes are taught by experienced practitioners and are designed to help you deepen your understanding of spirituality and witchcraft. The store also hosts book clubs and discussion groups for those interested in exploring spirituality and related topics.

In addition to the classes and workshops, Avalon Beyond also hosts events throughout the year, such as the Summer Solstice, Beltane and Samhain celebrations. These events bring together the community and provide a space for people to connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate the changing seasons.

Browsing Through The Rare and Magickal at Avalon Beyond

As you browse through the store, you'll notice the carefully curated selection of unique items that you won't find anywhere else. From handmade jewelry to beautiful tapestries, there's something for everyone at Avalon Beyond. You can also find tools and supplies for your spiritual practices, including candles, incense, crystals, and herbs.

A Vast Selection of Magickal Items

Their knowledgeable staff can help guide you in choosing the right items for your needs and answer any questions you may have. They offer a vast selection of rare and magickal items that you can't find anywhere else, including crystals, tarot cards, candles, herbs, oils, incense, and more. Avalon’s staff are dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible products for their spiritual and magickal practice.

One-Stop-Shop for All Religious and Spiritual Supplies

Avalon Beyond is a one-stop-shop for all religious and spiritual supplies, catering to a wide range of paths and traditions. They have a vast collection of items specifically curated for Voodoo, Santeria, and Hoodoo practices, such as ritual oils, herbs, candles, and other tools.

For those following Celtic Traditions, Gardenarian Witchcraft, Wicca or Paganism in general, Avalon Beyond offers an extensive range of altar tools, including athames, chalices, cauldrons, and pentagrams. They also have a selection of herbs, crystals, and candles that are commonly used in these practices.

For those following Norse traditions, Avalon Beyond offers a range of runes, Thor's hammers, and other symbols of Norse mythology. They also have items such as Yule logs and Odin statues.

In addition, Avalon Beyond caters to those following Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, Tao, and other spiritual paths. They have a selection of prayer beads, meditation cushions, incense, and other items commonly used in these practices. Whether you're looking for supplies to enhance your current spiritual practice or are exploring a new path, Avalon Beyond has everything you need to connect with the divine and enhance your spiritual journey.

A Boundless Library of Books and Knowledge

Avalon Beyond is a spiritual and ritual supply store that offers a vast selection of books and texts to enhance your magickal or ritual practice. They have an impressive collection of pagan, Wiccan, occult, and religious texts, as well as self-help guides, spiritual healing books, and books on crystals, gemstones, reiki, and energy healing. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, their collection of books and texts can help you deepen your knowledge and understanding of the spiritual and magickal realms.

Something For Every Path & Person

Their collection of pagan and Wiccan texts is particularly impressive, with a wide range of books on mythology, folklore, witchcraft, and spellcraft. They also offer books on various forms of divination, including tarot, runes, and scrying, as well as books on astrology and the occult. If you're interested in spiritual healing or energy work, Avalon Beyond has a selection of books on various modalities, including reiki, chakra healing, and crystal healing. They also offer books on meditation, mindfulness, and self-help, so you can work on your personal growth and spiritual development.

Their collection of books on crystals and gemstones is also noteworthy, with books on the properties and uses of different stones, as well as how to incorporate them into your spiritual practice. Whether you're looking for books on the healing properties of crystals, or how to use them for manifestation or protection, Avalon Beyond has a variety of options to choose from.

Overall, Avalon Beyond's selection of books and texts is a valuable resource for anyone interested in deepening their spiritual and magickal practice. With their vast selection of books on various topics, you're sure to find the perfect resources to help you enhance your practice and connect with the divine.

A Huge Variety Crystals and Gemstones For Every Need

Their crystals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are all carefully chosen for their unique properties and energies. Whether you're looking for a specific crystal to help with a particular issue, or you're simply drawn to a certain color or shape, they have something for everyone. And if you're not sure where to start, their knowledgeable staff can provide guidance and recommendations.

Divination With Tarot Cards, Oracle Decks, Pendulums, Scrying Mirrors and More

Their tarot cards are also top-notch, with decks ranging from classic Rider-Waite to modern, eclectic interpretations. Avalon has hundreds of tarot decks to choose from, with many options to fit every personal style and need. Let your intuition guide you in choosing a deck, or ask one of their friendly staff to point you in the right direction. Whether you’re an advanced tarot practitioner or just starting out, they have the tarot deck you need.

Tarot, Oracle and Lenormand Decks

In addition to their extensive collection of tarot cards, Avalon Beyond also offers a wide range of other divinatory practices and tools. For those who prefer to use oracle decks instead of tarot, they have many options to choose from. Oracle decks are similar to tarot cards, but they typically feature different imagery and symbols and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as gaining insight into your life path, finding guidance, or connecting with spirit guides. For those who are interested in more traditional forms of divination, Avalon also offers Lenormand decks. These decks consist of 36 cards with simple images and meanings that can be used for predictive readings.

If you prefer to use tools like scrying mirrors or crystal balls to gain insight into your future, Avalon Beyond has you covered. Scrying is a divinatory practice where a person gazes into a reflective surface, such as a mirror or crystal ball, and interprets the images that they see. This can be a powerful tool for gaining insight and connecting with the spiritual realm.

Finally, if you prefer to use a pendulum to ask yes or no questions or gain insight into a situation, they have many beautiful options to choose from. Pendulums consist of a weighted object, such as a crystal or metal, that is suspended on a chain or string. By asking questions and observing the movement of the pendulum, a person can gain insight into a situation or receive guidance from the divine.

Overall, Avalon Beyond offers a wide range of divinatory practices and tools to help people connect with their intuition and the divine. Whether you prefer traditional tarot cards, Lenormand decks, or other forms of divination, they have something for everyone.

Candles of Many Colors, Scents Shapes and Styles

Their candles and herbs are hand-selected for their quality and magickal properties, with a variety of scents and uses to suit your needs. Avalon Beyond also offers an impressive selection of candles in different shapes and sizes to fit any occasion or intention.

Candles of All Sizes, Colors & Shapes

From classic pillar candles to tea lights and even figural candles in the shape of animals, symbols, or deities, they have a wide range of options to choose from. Their 3-day and 7-day candles are particularly popular among those who want to set intentions and manifest their goals over a longer period of time. To further customize your candle magic, Avalon Beyond offers a special service where they dress your candles with oils, herbs, and stones that correspond to your specific intention or goal. This adds an extra layer of intention and power to your spells or meditations and can help you manifest your desires more effectively.

When it comes to the quality of their candles and herbs, Avalon Beyond takes great care in selecting only the best ingredients that are both magickally potent and ethically sourced. Whether you're looking for scents to promote relaxation, love, abundance, or protection, they have a variety of options to suit your needs.

Enough Herbs To Make Every Hedge-Witch Grin With Glee

For those who are interested in enhancing their meditation or ritual practice, Avalon Beyond also offers a range of incense, sage, palo santo, and other tools to help you create a sacred space. Burning incense or smudging with sage and palo santo can help you clear negative energy and create a more peaceful and grounded environment for your spiritual practice.

Avalon prides itself on offering a vast selection of high-quality herbs and oils to enhance your magickal or ritual practice. With hundreds of herbs and oils to choose from, they have something for everyone, no matter what your intention or goal may be. Their herbs are carefully selected for their magickal properties, and and their helpful Team is always ready at the counter - just waiting to measure our your chosen herb selections and act as helpful guides, so you can easily choose the right herb for your needs. Whether you're looking for herbs to promote love, protection, abundance, or healing, Avalon Beyond has so many options to choose from. They even offer hard-to-find herbs and rare botanicals that are not commonly available at other spiritual supply stores.

Their oils are also of the highest quality, and each one is carefully blended with pure essential oils and carrier oils to create a potent and effective magickal tool. Their oils are labeled with their correspondences, and many are infused with herbs, crystals, or other magickal ingredients to enhance their power. Whether you're looking for oils to anoint candles, add to bath water, or use in a diffuser, Avalon Beyond has a wide range of options to choose from.

And if you're looking to enhance your meditation or ritual practice, they offer incense, sage, palo santo, and other tools to help you create a sacred space. In addition to sacred smoke-based incenses, they also offer room and body sprays. These are great if you live or work in a place where you can’t light incense, because you can simply use their water-based sprays to cleanse your room, your tools, yourself or your work space.

An Extensive Selection At Your Fingertips From The Comfort of Your Home

In addition to their physical store, Avalon Beyond also has an online shop where you can browse their extensive collection of rare and magickal items. From crystals and tarot cards to candles and herbs, they have everything you need to enhance your spiritual practice and connect with the divine.

Avalon Beyond understands that not everyone can physically visit their store, and that's why they have a convenient online shop that you can access from anywhere in the world. Their online store is easy to navigate, and you can quickly find what you're looking for with just a few clicks.

Avalon Beyond Is Truly A Must-Visit In Orlando

If you're looking for a spiritual community that welcomes all paths and beliefs, Avalon Beyond is the perfect place for you. With their warm and welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and wide selection of products and services, you're sure to find everything you need to enhance your spiritual journey.

Overall, Avalon Beyond is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in spirituality, witchcraft, and all things rare and magickal. With its welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and wide selection of products and services, it's the perfect place to begin or continue your spiritual journey. So next time you're in Orlando, be sure to stop by and experience the magic of Avalon Beyond for yourself. And if you can't make it in person, be sure to check out their website and online shop for all your spiritual needs.

Avalon Beyond is located 1211 Hillcrest St, Orlando, FL 32803. They’re open every day from 11:00AM to 7:00PM. Reach them by phone at (407) 895-7439 or visit their website at avalonbeyond.com.

Side Note: The spelling of "magick" with a "k" at the end is a deliberate variation of the word "magic," which was popularized by the English occultist Aleister Crowley in the early 20th century. Crowley used the spelling "magick" to distinguish his practice of ceremonial magic from stage magic or illusions. Over time, the use of the spelling "magick" with a "k" has become more widely adopted among practitioners of various forms of magic and paganism, as a way to differentiate their spiritual practices from stage illusions or other non-magical practices. It has become a way to emphasize the spiritual and transformative aspects of magical practice, and to signal a deeper commitment to the study and application of magical arts.

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