What Is An Aura and How To See One

What Is An Aura and How To See One

An aura is believed to be the spiritual energy that surrounds a person. It is an electromagnetic field that radiates from our physical body and extends outward into space. The aura can extend from centimeters to inches, to several feet depending on the individual. It contains information about our emotions, thoughts, and health.

Reading auras can help us gain insights into ourselves and those around us, as well as provide healing energy. Let's explore what an aura is and how to read it.

What is an Aura Made of?

An aura is made up of different components, each responsible for providing insight into various aspects of a person’s life. These components include colors, shapes, symbols, and vibrations. While every person’s aura will look slightly different depending on their unique energy signature, there are specific colors associated with certain emotions or physical states of being.

For example, blue typically represents calmness while yellow may signify joy or happiness. Similarly, shapes such as circles or stars can represent spiritual connections while symbols like hearts indicate love and compassion. Lastly, vibrations in the aura can reveal a person’s emotional state at any given moment.

How To Read An Aura

If you're interested in reading auras for yourself or others, you don't need any special equipment - just your own intuition! Start by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath for a few moments to center yourself before looking at someone else's auric field.

Once you feel grounded within yourself and have opened your eyes again, take note of the colors present in the other person's aura as well as any symbols or shapes that appear to be emerging from it. It’s best to look at a living being against a solid color surface to start, like a white or black wall. It also works best if the room is dimly lit.

You’re not going to look directly at the living organism (be it person, animal or plant), but rather look just past it. For instance, over someone’s shoulder. Let your eyes lose focus and the aura will slowly start to appear. You may see a thin line of moving particles at first, like a snowy tv set, that will surround the object. This is the electromagnetic field and the first layer of the aura.

Keep gazing and you’ll begin to notice waves of color wash around and outside of the organism. This is the inner- and outer-aura. What do you sense when you see this? Are there feelings coming up? Any visions? Smells? Sounds? Pay attention to these subtle energies. Don’t just pay attention to the color, though this is important for interpretation too. All of these senses are what your intuition is reading in the aura.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information being presented to you in this way, try narrowing your focus by asking yourself questions such as “What color do I see most often?” or “What symbols stand out most prominently?” This will help bring clarity to the information being presented to you through the other person's auric field.

Electromagnetic and Auric Fields

We mentioned the electromagnetic field briefly in the instructions above. This field is closest to the skin or surface of an object. You may notice that, in time and with practice, you start to see the electromagnetic field and/or the auric fields all the time. This is completely normal. What you may notice is that not only do living organisms have an electromagnetic field, but in fact, all objects do!

Only living beings have an auric field, which is important to note. For example; Edgar Cayce, a well-known psychic and clairvoyant able to see auras at a young age, once noticed an elevator full of passengers that did not have auras. He felt uneasy about this and decided not to get on the elevator, but to wait for the next one. The elevator door closed and then immediately malfunctioned and unfortunately crashed. Everyone on board was killed instantly. Edgar’s life was saved by his aura viewing skill.

Aura Reading Can Be Rewarding

Reading auras can be a rewarding experience both for yourself as well as those around you. By paying attention to the colors present within another person’s auric field along with any shapes or symbols that emerge from it, we can gain insights into our own lives as well as those of others around us. This includes our friends and family members. With practice and patience, anyone can learn how to interpret this subtle yet powerful form of energetic communication. So, why not give it a try today? Who knows what kind of revelations await.

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