Honor 🔮 Justice 🔮 Leadership

The Tiwaz rune is the seventeenth letter of the Elder Futhark alphabet, which is the oldest runic alphabet used by the Germanic people. It is named after the Norse god Tyr, who was associated with war, justice, and honor. This rune is shaped like an arrow pointing upwards and represents the upward movement of energy and the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.

In terms of its meaning, the Tiwaz rune is closely related to the concept of self-sacrifice, bravery, and victory through sacrifice. This rune is often associated with the god Tyr, who was known for his willingness to sacrifice his hand to bind the wolf Fenrir and prevent Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse. As such, the Tiwaz rune is a symbol of courage, selflessness, and taking responsibility for one's actions. At the same time, the Tiwaz rune also represents the idea of balance and the need for clear judgment. The upward arrow of the rune symbolizes the need to rise above petty conflicts and focus on higher goals, while the vertical line represents the need for balance between opposing forces. This balance is crucial for making wise decisions and taking the right actions, especially in times of crisis or conflict.

The Tiwaz rune is also associated with the concept of justice, which was an important aspect of Tyr's character. This rune represents the idea of fairness, honesty, and ethical behavior, and can be used to strengthen one's sense of justice and moral courage. In this sense, the Tiwaz rune can help individuals to stand up for what is right and to defend their values and principles, even in the face of opposition. In terms of divination, the Tiwaz rune can indicate a need for courage and self-sacrifice in order to achieve one's goals. This may involve making difficult choices, taking risks, or facing challenges that require bravery and determination. However, the Tiwaz rune can also indicate the need for balance and clear judgment, as well as the importance of ethical behavior and fair play.

Overall, the Tiwaz rune is a powerful symbol of courage, sacrifice, and justice, and can be used to inspire individuals to act with bravery and integrity in all aspects of their lives. Whether used for divination or personal growth, the Tiwaz rune reminds us of the importance of standing up for what is right, even in the face of adversity, and of the rewards that come from acting with honor and selflessness.

Recklessness 🔮 Avoidance 🔮 Lack of Courage

When the Tiwaz rune appears reversed in a reading, its meaning can shift from courage and self-sacrifice to a warning against recklessness and self-destructive behavior.

Reversed, the Tiwaz rune can indicate a lack of courage and a tendency to avoid conflict or responsibility. This may be due to fear of failure, a lack of self-confidence, or a sense of overwhelm. However, by avoiding challenges and refusing to take action, individuals may find themselves stuck in a rut or unable to move forward in their lives. In addition, the reversed Tiwaz rune can indicate a tendency towards impulsiveness, aggression, or selfishness. This may result in a lack of consideration for others, a tendency to lash out in anger, or a disregard for ethical or moral principles. Such behavior can cause harm to oneself and others, and can lead to negative consequences in the long run.

Overall, the reversed Tiwaz rune is a warning against reckless or impulsive behavior, and a call to cultivate courage, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility. It may indicate the need to face one's fears and take action, to cultivate a greater sense of empathy and consideration for others, or to re-evaluate one's priorities and goals in order to align them with a higher purpose.

In divination, the reversed Tiwaz rune may suggest that the individual is being held back by fears or doubts, or that they are acting in a way that is harmful to themselves or others. It may indicate the need to slow down, take a step back, and re-evaluate one's actions and motivations. Alternatively, it may suggest that the individual needs to cultivate a greater sense of courage, self-discipline, and ethical behavior in order to achieve their goals and live a more fulfilling life.