New Beginnings  🔮 Expansion  🔮 Renewal

The Inguz rune, in its upright position, is generally interpreted as a symbol of renewal, fertility, growth, and new beginnings. It represents a time of creative energy and potential, encouraging the seeker to take calculated risks and pursue new ventures. The Inguz rune suggests that positive energy is flowing freely and that the seeker is in a fertile period of growth and expansion. It also represents the need for patience and perseverance in achieving one's goals, as well as staying focused on personal development and progress. Overall, the Inguz rune embodies the concept of growth and development, encouraging the seeker to embrace change and the potential for new opportunities.

The word "Inguz" is derived from the name of the ancient Germanic god Ing, who was associated with fertility and prosperity. In Norse mythology, Ing was also known as Freyr, the god of fertility, harvest, and prosperity. The Inguz rune is often associated with the start of a new cycle or phase in life, particularly in matters related to creativity, career, and relationships. It encourages the seeker to tap into their inner potential and creative energy, and to embrace new opportunities for growth and progress.

In divination, the Inguz rune can indicate a period of fertility and abundance, both in material and spiritual aspects of life. It suggests a time of positive energy and growth, where the seeker's efforts and plans are likely to bear fruit. The Inguz rune is also sometimes associated with sexual energy and passion, particularly in matters of fertility and procreation. It can represent the union of opposites and the balance between masculine and feminine energies. Overall, the Inguz rune encourages the seeker to embrace change, take risks, and tap into their inner potential to achieve growth and success in all areas of life. 

Reluctant To Change 🔮 Creative Blocks 🔮 Overcoming Challenges

The Inguz rune, also known as the "fertility" or "new beginnings" rune, is typically associated with growth, potential, and transformation. In the reversed position, however, the meaning of the Inguz rune can vary depending on the context and interpretation. Some possible meanings of the reversed Inguz rune could include a delay or setback in one's plans for growth or development, a lack of progress or stagnation, or a failure to recognize and seize opportunities for new beginnings. It could also suggest a need to reassess one's goals and priorities or to let go of old patterns and habits that are hindering progress.

The Inguz rune is often associated with new beginnings and transformation, so when it appears reversed, it could indicate a reluctance to embrace change. This might manifest as a fear of the unknown or a preference for familiar routines and habits, even if they are no longer serving you. Since the Inguz rune is also linked to creativity and inspiration, its reversal could suggest a creative block or a feeling of being stuck in a rut. You may be struggling to come up with new ideas or to find the motivation to pursue your creative passions.

If you've been presented with opportunities for growth or new beginnings but have failed to act on them, the reversed Inguz rune could be a reminder of those missed chances. This might be a sign that you need to be more proactive and decisive in pursuing your goals. The Inguz rune is often associated with growth and development, but these things take time. If you're feeling frustrated with the pace of your progress or the lack of visible results, the reversed Inguz rune could be a reminder to be patient and persistent. Remember that growth is a gradual process, and small steps forward are still steps in the right direction.